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  • Attorney-monitored investigations
  • Real time account activity
  • Over 150 years of combined experience
  • Diverse collection methods
"Personal commitment and attention to detail for your clients has shown since day one"
Scott Cunningham, Credit Manager

The strength of Tucker, Albin & Associates in commercial debt recovery is not limited to US-based transactions alone. Notably, the firm is one of a handful of asset recovery firms in the US with a global reach, thanks to its expansive network of affiliated agencies and attorneys in different parts of the world lending resources and support to ensure the success of its global debt recovery efforts efforts.

We partner with local attorneys and organizations to ensure that local laws and best practices are followed.

We provide comprehensive and highly effective solutions to what is otherwise a cumbersome, time-consuming, and financially challenging ordeal.

It addresses the unique needs of local businesses that end up spending an inordinate amount of time and resources trying to recover bad debt, ending up in a maze of complex processes, when such time and resources could have been channeled instead toward maximizing their current assets or generating new business.

The firm utilizes a unique approach to debt recovery that takes into consideration an extensive variety of factors. These include the nature of the asset and its value, the amount of time it is due, the stipulations in the contract, as well as the juridical tie between the parties involved. Special consideration is also lent toward strict adherence to pertinent local and international laws and ethics.

Full Commercial Debt Recovery

Frequently utilized on most occasions, this solution has by far proven to be reliable in cases involving net 90 category balances, breaches of contract, bankruptcies, and liens of judgments.

This approach might involve;

  • Attorney-monitored investigation
  • Asset and Liability investigation using the latest forensic tools
  • Private investigators and more

Diplomatic Debt Mediation

Diplomacy is given primacy in this solution as a means of recovering debts due without ruining the existing customer relationship.

Commercial Debt Litigation

As a final resort, our firm’s lawyers can initiate legal proceedings on a contingency fee basis to recover debt. But this is to be used only when other approaches to recover the debt due have proven insufficient.

All services are on a contingency basis. We don’t get paid unless you get paid. A win-win for all.

Our goal is to lessen the significant burden international debt recovery can entail so that our clients can focus on their business. Our international expertise can efficiently address the issues associated with debt recovery such as high DSO (daily sales outstanding), a growing net 90 balance, costs associated with recovery, and cash flow issues.

We also employ current technology to allow for real time monitoring of the status of collection efforts.

Our efforts will ensure that your voice is the loudest and that when bills are paid, you’re first in line.