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  • Debt Recovery Services

    October 23, 2012

    Debt recovery services are essential for all diligent business owners who are concerned with their company bottom line.

    As a business owner, you have spent time and money to obtain each customer and you have spent more time and money providing a service or product. It is not cost effective to spend more of your company time and money attempting to collect money already earned. Debt recovery services offered by the majority of commercial collection agencies handle all accounts/claims on a contingency basis.

    By hiring a collection agency to handle your debt recovery, you will not have to spend time recovering bad debts and you do not pay any money unless you recover money. Debt recovery services offered by an experienced debt collector are much more effective than trying to collect debts in-house. Debt recovery services are complex and the laws that govern debt collection practices are constantly changing and understanding these laws and making sure you are always in compliance can be very challenging. Taking on your own debt recovery can be difficult, unproductive and exposes your company to a great deal of personal risk.

    In addition, debt recovery services can help your company avoid tax complications. The Internal Revenue Service is now requiring more from business owners in order to claim a bad debt as a write-off. Placing your debt recovery with an experienced commercial debt collector is a way to meet those requirements prior to a write-off. Therefore, debt recovery services can help your company recover your debts more efficiently, save you time and money, while avoiding additional risk or tax complications and give you the opportunity to focus on your core business by allowing an experienced debt collector to recover unpaid debts for your company.