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"Personal commitment and attention to detail for your clients has shown since day one"
Scott Cunningham, Credit Manager

Services of Debt Collection Agencies

Most businesses in America operate on net terms, which calls for the need to pursue payment after services are rendered or products are shipped. Sometimes payments will fall past 180 days and is considered bad debt. It affects the business to the core and current business also suffers. For saving time and money, businesses have handed over the job to our renowned company Tucker, Albin & Associates serving Los Angeles.

Why there is a dire need of collection agencies?

Debt recovery is needed for immediate cash flow and to operate successfully without huge losses at the end of the year. Tucker, Albin & Associates, is one of the premier commercial collection agencies Los Angeles which is readily engaged in providing the following services:-

  • To get hard-owed money: -Our priority is getting the bad debts cleared as soon as possible. We assist the debtor with reprioritizing their accounts payable so that our client is at the top of that list and the debt is cleared promptly. This is looked after by our agency, and our aim is to get your money back.
  • Professionally sound: – Tucker, Albin & Associates, are the reliable debt collection agencies in Los Angeles which abide by the standardized rules and regulations for debt recovery . The professionals give out expert advice to businesses if they are struggling hard to get their money back.
  • To concentrate on core business: – Our agency is legally engaged in carrying out the work. This help in saving companies time and money as they do not have to appoint any internal team for getting their debts cleared. They can concentrate on their core business that helps in growth and development

Specialized areas of our collection agency

Our specialized team works in vast and different areas, and we employ current technology to assist with the debt recovery process. You can simply rely on us for the step to step services that we carry out in different fields and get back to you immediately with your money and in compliance with the law.