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"Personal commitment and attention to detail for your clients has shown since day one"
Scott Cunningham, Credit Manager

Recovering bad debt can be a very cumbersome, tedious, time-consuming, and financially draining ordeal. As a business owner, you want your time, effort, and resources to be directed principally toward the growth of your business, and not to be unnecessarily diverted to long and painful commercial debt collection procedures that provide no certainty of success.

Our Approach to Commercial Debt Recovery – Optimizing Commercial Collections

commercial debt recovery

At Tucker, Albin & Associates, we take on the burden of commercial debt recovery to give you peace of mind and a free hand in managing your company’s core competencies. To this end, we employ a variety of solutions for collecting debt using state of the art procedures that cater to your organization’s unique needs and specifications.

The firm utilizes a unique approach to debt recovery for businesses that takes into consideration an extensive variety of factors. These include the nature of the asset and its value, the amount of time it is due, the stipulations in the contract, as well as the juridical tie between the parties involved. Special consideration is also lent toward strict adherence to laws and ethics.

Full Debt Recovery

Frequently utilized on most occasions, this solution has by far proven to be reliable in cases involving net 90 category balances, breaches of contract, bankruptcies, and liens of judgments. This approach may use attorney-monitored investigations, as well as asset and liability investigations conducted by private investigators in order to obtain full recovery.


Diplomatic Debt-Mediation – Commercial Collections for preserving relationships

Diplomacy is given primacy in this solution as a means of recovering debts due without ruining the existing customer relationship, specially when the client collected from is a valued one.

Commercial Debt Litigation

As a final resort, our firm’s lawyers can initiate legal proceedings on a contingency fee basis to recover debt. But this is to be used only when other approaches to recover the debt due have proven insufficient.

We stand by our principles by keeping the client in the front and get paid only when our customer gets it.
Our motive is to provide efficient services to our clients with faster recovery of debts, and they do not have to wait for the longer period. We are experienced with clients dealing with high DSO(daily sales outstanding), growing 90 net balances, recovery costs and other cash flow issues.
The usage of current technology is done to make sure that the collection work is done at a fast pace.
While giving us the opportunity to collect debts, we make it sure to convert it into a winning situation.