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  • Commercial Collectors – Helping Companies

    May 30, 2015

    Commercial collectors build their reputation by helping companies recover bad debt from past due or otherwise unpaid accounts.  Essentially, commercial collectors exist because they specialize in the area of commercial debt collection, an expertise that makes their services extremely valuable to business owners.

    Many business owners have attempted to collect their own unpaid debts either by themselves or with help from their own employees or partners.  There are several problems with this strategy.

    To begin with, if the debtor owes you money, they were likely a customer of yours, which means you have more than likely developed a cordial relationship with this person at some stage.  Debtors are notorious for exploiting this relationship and turning it against the creditor by threatening to “never pay a dime” or worse yet, sabotage your relationship or your reputation with other clients.  A third-party commercial collector has no such relationship with the debtor, so there is never an issue of a relationship being used as a tool to avoid payment.

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