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With an expansive network of more than 500 attorneys in 50 states, Tucker, Albin & Associates is a leader in commercial debt recovery efforts. The firm has a long history of excellence in the industry, with highly effective debt recovery strategies that are marked by tact and professionalism.

The success of Tucker, Albin & Associates can be attributed principally to its people. The firm’s management team draws its strength from industry insights culled from years of experience in the field. In fact, each member of the management team has a minimum of 15 years in the industry. With this unique strength, backed by the firm’s undisputed reputation.

Based in Richardson, Texas, Tucker, Albin & Associates deals extensively in commercial debt recovery, fraud recovery, as well as attorney-monitored investigations. An office in Denver, CO is also maintained.

Notably, the firm is also one of a handful of US-based asset recovery firms with a global network of affiliated agencies. As such, it is equipped with the tools and resources to assist clients in the recovery of assets in foreign countries. Its scope of international debt collection services include international debt recovery, resolution of complex international fraud and international arbitration, enforcement of foreign judgment collection, foreign litigation, and foreign discovery of assets.

Beyond commercial debt collection, Tucker, Albin & Associates likewise provides comprehensive accounts receivables management services. The range of services in this field includes invoicing, payment processing, payment application and reconciliation, workflow management, delinquency management, dispute resolution, late stage collections, early stage collections, as well as analysis and reporting.

An industry leader with an unsurpassed track record in commercial debt recovery both locally and internationally, Tucker, Albin & Associates continues its tradition of excellence with every project it undertakes.